Gear tooth breakage, on-site repair

Application: cable car gearbox
Gear manufacturer: O&K
Type: K2SVG450S0
Gear type: straight bevel gear unit
Data for repair: no technical data available
Damage: tooth broken away from pinion shaft; some bearings worn

Work carried out:

  • Dismantle gear unit on-site
  • Check cracks on all gear stages
  • Record sample and determine gear tooth data for damaged pinion shaft
  • Make new pinion shaft
  • Regrind gears
  • Pre-assemble gears and bearings at Eisenbeiss gear service centre
  • Replace shaft seals
  • Install gear unit on-site

Turnaround time: 4 weeks

Getriebe Reparatur

Tight installation space for gear unit at cable car station

Getriebe Reparatur

Dismantle gear unit on-site

Getriebe Reparatur

Supply parts newly made and overhauled at Eisenbeiss headquarters

Getriebe Reparatur

Install gear unit on-site