Gear unit repaired after damage to gear teeth

Application: co-rotating twin screw extruder for producing livestock feed
Gear manufacturer: Kissling
Type: EX-101/280
Gear type: co-rotating twin screw extruder gear unit

Data for repair: assembly drawing available

Damage: gear teeth damage on all gear sections

Work carried out:

  • Dismantle, check for cracks and assess condition of gear teeth
  • Record sample and determine gear tooth data for damaged gear mesh
  • Re-engineering (optimisation of gear parts design and improvements to lubrication system)
  • Make new gear teeth parts
  • Replace all bearings and seals

Turnaround time: 8 weeks

Getriebe Reparatur

Extruder gear unit before and after overhaul

Getriebe Reparatur

Worn spline shaft profiles on output shafts

Getriebe Reparatur

Gear teeth damage on pinion shaft

Getriebe Reparatur

Severe wear to metal surfaces and damage to teeth on a spur gear