Eisenbeiss Stirnradgetriebe


The standard for spur gear systems developed by Eisenbeiss is used for various applications and is adapted to the exact requirements of each situation. While all these applications require durable, easy-to-maintain gear systems with a satisfactory price/performance ratio, they differ especially in the way they are implemented. While many applications (e.g. strip processing line bridle drives) involve non-stop operation where thermal management is an issue, there are also applications where considerable loads are imposed at a standstill, or repeated brief phases of operation are typical and the gear system can cool down again between these (e.g. drives for strip accumulators or crane travel mechanisms).
Using specially adapted gear mesh geometries and customised lubrication systems, the optimum system in terms of durability, operational safety and service-friendliness can be implemented for a wide range of applications.
Thanks to special efficiency optimisations, the power losses in Eisenbeiss spur gear systems are reduced to a minimum. As a result of this, there is only negligible temperature increase and no additional cooling is necessary even for high outputs.


GEAR TYPE: spur gear and helical bevel gear system,
1 to 4 stage
POWER RATING: 20 kW to 5.000 kW
OUTPUT SPEED: 5 to 500 rpm
RATIO: 3 to 400
LUBRICATION / COOLING: submerged or forced-feed lubrication / cooling via gear casing


Vorteile Eisenbeiss

In addition to coping with the extremely harsh operating conditions in steelworks, spur gear systems are also subjected to high stress as a result of wheel slip. Eisenbeiss has therefore developed a standard to optimise the static strength of the gear teeth. This results in smaller and, at the same time, more reliable gears for our customers.



In the production of molten steel, plant availability and safety have the highest priority. We have the specific know-how in the development, fabrication and supply of special gear systems for cranes in the steel and aluminium industry.



Thanks to our consistent specialisation in high performance gearbox building, Eisenbeiss continues to set standards in output and quality. An ingenious gearbox lubrication system ensures the highest efficiency and leads to maximum safety in all operating conditions.



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