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Conical twin screw extruders are used mainly as co-extruders or as stand-alone machines
for limited outputs.

Manufacturing gear systems for twin-screw conical extruders and the conical gears
needed for them requires highly specialized machinery and exceptional fabrication know-how.
Eisenbeiss is one the few gear system manufacturers worldwide that can fabricate
gear systems for twin-screw conical extruders, rounding off its range of products as
a complete solution supplier of specialised gear systems for extrusion technology.

Eisenbeiss conical counter-rotating gear units are designed precisely to meet
each customer’s specifications.


POWER RATING: 11 to 220 kW
OUTPUT TORQUE: 1,000 to 40,000 Nm per shaft
OUTPUT SPEED: 30 to 60 rpm
RATIO: 30 to 90
LUBRICATION / COOLING: splash or forced-feed lubrication with optional oil cooling
SCREW BACK PRESSURE: up to 500 bar continuous load
SCREW DIAMETER: 35 to 125 mm


Vorteile Eisenbeiss

Eisenbeiss uses highly specialised machinery for conical gears, which are case-hardened and grinded to offer an increase in performance of up to 30%.

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An innovative casing construction absorbs axial forces in the distribution housing, avoiding possible leaks.



Thanks to consistent specialisation Eisenbeiss have become a dynamic, innovative and internationally leading centre of competence for drive concepts in the field of plastics extrusion. The leading machinery manufacturers in the extrusion branch count on the expertise of our engineers and also our many years of experience in producing special gear systems.



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