Eisenbeiss has over 100 years of experience in manufacturing and repairing high-performance gear systems in the development of a new type of measuring sensor. The result is GearControl-OiL® and it stands for harnessed gear know-how from the specialists, packed in ultramodern sensor technology.

GearControl-OiL® continuously monitors six oil condition parameters simultaneously. Eisenbeiss gear system expertise is used in an integrated algorithm that deduces the overall condition of the gear system from the analysis of these six parameters. As well as detecting the quality of the lubricant, the system also reliably detects gear damage in its early stages. The plant operator can then take action in good time before any severe damage to the gear system occurs.

Maximise your operational reliability and profit from servicing and preventive maintenance that is easy to schedule with precision. In the course of a gear unit repair or maintenance, Eisenbeiss service technicians can also retrofit your gear system with GearControl-OiL®, regardless of its type, make or model. – We would be pleased to advise you!

GearControl Oil

Eisenbeiss GearControl-OiL® sensor.

GearControl Oil

Evaluating measured data using Eisenbeiss GearControl-SofT®.

GearControl Oil

LED traffic light indicators and GearControl-SofT®.

GearControl Oil

Retrofitting an Eisenbeiss GearControl-OiL® sensor to an existing gear unit.


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