In response to the steady trend toward higher and higher outputs from extrusion facilities, the unique Torque Master® 4-shaft distributor system with intermeshing output shafts, has proven to be the most reliable and toughest solution in worldwide use, which is why the latest generation of counter-rotating gear systems – Torque Master Direct – is based on the same distribution principle.
Consistent focus on energy-efficient operation and a compact, straightforward design once again make the new Torque Master Direct gear system the benchmark in the field of PVC extrusion with its very low operating costs and excellent price/performance ratio.

Eisenbeiss parallel counter-rotating gear units are designed precisely to meet each customer’s specifications.


POWER RATING: 50 to 280 kW
OUTPUT TORQUE: 4,000 to 65,000 Nm per shaft
OUTPUT SPEED: 20 to 50 rpm
RATIO: 35 to 100
combined splash and forced-feed lubrication with optional oil cooling
SCREW BACK PRESSURE: up to 500 bar constant load
SCREW DIAMETER: 70 to 175 mm


Vorteile Eisenbeiss

Torque Master®’s ingenious and proven distribution system offers an improvement in performance of up to 70%. In addition, as a result of ongoing development on the Torque Master Direct, 30% less material is used.

Vorteile Eisenbeiss Getriebe

The energy-efficient gear systems solution by Eisenbeiss is protected by a patent. Efficiency is increased by up to 8% as a result of 70% lower idling losses.



Thanks to consistent specialisation Eisenbeiss have become a dynamic, innovative and internationally leading centre of competence for drive concepts in the field of plastics extrusion. The leading machinery manufacturers in the extrusion branch count on the expertise of our engineers and also our many years of experience in producing special gear systems.



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