We see our suppliers as a cornerstone in our efforts to fulfil the requirements of our customers to the best of our ability. Together with our suppliers as partners we take a highly ambitious approach to achieving our company goals. Partnerships then prove to be worthwhile in the long term when both our company and also the supplier grow as a result of the success.
Eisenbeiss are always in search of strong partners for our bought-in parts which are divided into the following product groups:

  • Anti-friction bearings
  • Welding assembly groups with machining and surface finish as per drawing
  • Casting assembly groups (GG 25, GGG 40) with machining and surface finish as per drawing
  • Machined parts as per drawing
  • Hydraulic power units and components
  • Raw materials, gas-cut plates and forged parts made of standard materials
  • Heat treatment (nitriding, hardening etc.)
  • Standardised parts
  • Tools for our machine park


We always welcome contact with competitive partners who enhance the value chain for us in accordance with the required standards. Quality, meeting deadlines and short but effective communication channels have top priority. The necessary flexibility for small to medium batch sizes should be standard practice for you. Involvement in the development processes (innovations) is another focal point.

If you are interested please complete and send the voluntary supplier disclosure to us at the following address: purchasing@eisenbeiss.at
We will then contact you without delay.


Phone +43 7223 896-100

Fax +43 7223 896-349