Gear unit overhaul after flooding in power station

Application: turbine gear unit for small hydroelectric power station
Gear manufacturer: Eisenbeiss
Type: TGU 825

Gear type: spur gear system
Data for repair: drawings and parts list available
Damage: severe corrosion throughout gear unit. Electrical components defective

Work carried out:

  • Dismantle and install gear unit at plant
  • Check for cracks and assess gear components
  • Regrind herringbone gear and make new herringbone pinion
  • Purchase and replace all bearings and seals
  • Overhaul oil supply system
  • Test run including test report

Turnaround time: 4 weeks

Getriebe Reparatur

Dismantle gear unit

Getriebe Reparatur

Herringbone gear before and after the overhaul

Getriebe Reparatur

Old and new herringbone pinion shaft

Getriebe Reparatur

Bearing damage as a result of corrosion