Eisenbeiss has developed various gear system solutions for this application that have been proven over decades of operation in harsh steel mill environments.
In response to very tough requirements as regards reliability, we go beyond a merely robust design and integrate emergency drive systems. Whether this is to be done by tying in a second drive (e.g. a hydraulic motor) into the power train in the case of electric main drives, or by providing an extra safety reservoir with hydraulic drives, Eisenbeiss can provide a suitable system in every case.
Given that the power train is often subjected to severe shocks when the mill crane lowers the ladle into place, Eisenbeiss gear systems are equipped with protective features which prevent damage to the power train. For instance, one approach is to disconnect the power train hydraulically while the ladle is being placed; alternatively, special friction clutches can be used to absorb shocks.
Depending on what the application involves and on the customer’s wishes, driven planetary gears, worm gears and bevel gear stages are combined. A modular system makes it possible to implement various equipment sizes to match the actual ladle mass and the various different drive systems.


GEAR TYPE: planetary gear with emergency drive
POWER RATING: main drive 20 kW to 100 kW
emergency drive: 8 kW to 30 kW
OUTPUT SPEED: main drive: 5 to 10 rpm
emergency drive: 2.5 to 5 rpm
RATIO: main drive: 120 to 360;
emergency drive: 240 to 720
LUBRICATION / COOLING: submerged lubrication / cooling via gear casing


Vorteile Eisenbeiss

One hundred percent availability has the highest priority on ladle turret drives. In the event of drive failure, hundreds of tonnes of steel would solidify in the ladle, causing enormous damage to the continuous casting line. That is why emergency drive systems have to be integrated. Massive shock impact when the ladle is inserted presents another challenge to the drive system.



In the production of molten steel, plant availability and safety have the highest priority. We have the specific know-how in the development, fabrication and supply of special gear systems for cranes in the steel and aluminium industry.



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